What our surf students want to tell you

  • If they can make a waterphobic land-lover like me. stand, ride, smile, and survive, then they must be good. The lovely demeanor of all the instructors and the wonderful Sheena (Bar Diva extraordinaire) are truly the icing on the cake. A Surf School but not as you know it Jim!
    Deirdra Robinson - Belfast : Ireland

    August - 2008[more]

  • I though that the school and Itacaré was twice as good the second time. Thanks guys
    Jim Jennings

    May - 2008[more]

  • Where to I start? Warm water, first class instructors, laughing, friends for life... I could go on + on + on - it will be one of the best experiences you'll have in your life!
    Terra Frenzel - Lacombe - Canada

    May - 2008[more]

  • Go to Itacare and go to EasyDrop for instruction. You will only get better!
    Cindy Lawson - San Clemente - USA

    April - 2008[more]

  • After trying to learn to surf in Bali last year, I know really know what a good surf school has to look like. Thanks to Benjamin and the whole Crew.
    Alexander Gutt - Hamburg - Gemany

    March - 2008[more]

  • The best place I can imagine to learn to surf. Avoid all that frustration of wrong equipment and bad instruction. Come here. Do it right. Do it in paradise. And make a great group of new and interesting friends. The Portuguese classes are EXCELLENT.
    Bente Shoen - Quetzaltenango : USA

    March - 2008[more]

  • Surfing makes you feel the power of the ocean. And your inner strength. It is more than a sport or an adventure. The EasyDrop crew gives themselves to surf... just drop the waves and you'll be family.
    Genevieve Matte - Montreal - Canada

    February - 2008[more]

  • They've got it nailed down to the perfect balance of fun, professionalism, great instructions, and a whole lot more. The team's patience never weakened and there was always constant encouragement for every achievement. Whether on the beach, in the office, or in the bar, the EasyDrop team all perform to a high standard and friendly vibe. Loved it! An amazing experience and holiday. Thank you! Julie.
    Julie Angel - London : UK

    January - 2008[more]

  • I enjoyed my time with EasyDrop more than I thought I would.The whole experience was amazing, I couln't have a better time. It was great!
    Claudia Admiraal - London : UK

    December - 2007[more]

  • Pessoal, essa semana foi uma experiência inesquecìvel! Diversão, crescimento, risadas e muitas ondas! Incrìvel o que acontece em 1 semana! Aguardarei ansiosa e cheia de saudades a próxima vez!
    Cristina Ventorim - Vitória : Brasil

    Dezembro - 2007[more]