What our surf students want to tell you

  • Muito obrigada por todo! I am very sad to leave. The instruction in waves, on the beach and video sessions were all muito bom. You are the best!
    Ellie Boldchow - New York - USA

    Mar 2013[more]

  • My experience with EasyDrop was fantastic! The staff are so helpful and professional, and made reservations/logistics a breeze. The instructors were outstanding; they teach you good technique and break down every skill in to manageble steps - I was surprised how fast I was able to progress! Thanks EasyDrop!
    Robert Starkey - Calgary - Canada

    Mar 2013[more]

  • A really good experience, good instruction and training, the DVD reviews were really helpful and have definitely seen loads of improvment in my surfing.
    Caroline Lindsell - London - UK

    April 2012[more]

  • It was a great time and I plan already when I can come back. The team is great, thanks a lot for the good time with you!
    Dan Bühler - Hamburg - Germany

    March 2012[more]

  • Muito boa escola! Ótima vibe durante as aulas (instrutores Thiago e Zuqueto gente finìssima) e ótimo atendimento das meninas!
    Victor Feitosa - São Paulo - BR

    Fevereiro 2012[more]

  • EasyDrop was great! It made me want to keep surfing for the rest of my life (I'm only 11). I am in CA so maybe later in my life I can surf Mavricks ! :-)
    Conrad Carrigan - San Francisco - USA

    February 2012[more]

  • Fantastic two week vacation! Warm water, sunny blue sky amazingly kind + patient surf instructors. Thank you so much for your help! Would recommend it for friends. I learned so much! All the best, beijos!
    Natali Cooper - Stenehran - UK

    January 2012[more]

  • I wanted to get better at surfing and EasyDrop made this possible with great teaching and focus on individual attention. Having a pacemakeer fitted has not stopped me surfing and the future looks bright! Thanks EasyDrop for all your help!
    Aaron Shelby James - Aberdeen - UK

    January 2012[more]

  • Highgly recommendable - nice surroundings, very good instructors, lot of fun!
    Christina Siebels - Hamburg - DE

    January 2012[more]

  • Valeu EasyDrop, vocês me fizeram dropar as ondas e ficar de pé na prancha!
    Allan Ribeiro de Castro - Brasilia - BR

    Janeiro 2012[more]