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Our yoga lessons are scheduled in harmony with all of our surf sessions. They are led by a professional yoga instructor and surfer, and take place in a wooden gazebo set amidst the natural landscape of the Atlantic rain forest.

about this yoga practice

about this yoga practice


Yoga is the practice of self-realization and healing through various postures, breathing and meditation techniques. This Vinyasa style of Hatha yoga is a dynamic flow of postures. It develops strength, conditioning, coordination, and breathing, encouraging conscious use of your energy.

Added flexibility, equilibrium, coordination, and bio-consciousness will prove to be of great value while learning new surfing techniques. In addition, the strength and power acquired through yoga are very helpful for paddling through the impact zone and while held underwater by a wave. Yoga practice also promotes physiological, energetic, mental and emotional strength, providing the self-confidence and control necessary to deal with adverse situations in the sea.