Take a left at Ilhéus and keep going...

Let's face it: Itacaré isn't the easiest place to get to, no matter where you live.

But we're confident that once you're here, you'll be so thankful you decided to make the trip. Here are some basic, but useful resources to help organize your travel to and from Itacaré.

Location Map

Airport Information

Airport Information

Most EasyDrop clients enter Brazil via one of the following international airports:

  • Rio de Janeiro (GIG)
  • São Paulo (GRU)
  • Salvador da Bahia (SSA)

Fom there, you can book a domestic flight to Ilhéus, Bahia (IOS), which is the closest airport to Itacaré (around 70km/47 miles south of Itacaré). The airport at Ilhéus receives several daily flights from all major cities in Brazil. There are currently two airlines flying into Ilhéus:

You can arrange EasyDrop airport shuttle service between Ilhéus and Itacaré as part of your package. There is also an independent taxi service available at any time, day or night.

Distances within Brazil

Distances within Brazil

From - to km
São Paulo - Ilhéus 1.810
Brasìlia - Ilhéus 1.730
Belo Horizonte - Ilhéus 1.630
Rio de Janeiro - Ilhéus 1.480
Recife - Ilhéus 1.240
Salvador - Ilhéus 530