Addicted to Synergy and Empathy

We are a group of surfers who dedicate our work to provide services and products appropriate to those who really want to learn to surf.
We aim to accomplish this through a perfectly organized company, where services are run with professionalism, honesty, unique style, competence, cheerfulness, and with a great team spirit.

Our Vision

"To be a surfing company that contributes to build a better world."

Our Mission

"Offer products and services that result in Extraordinary Experiences involving Surfing and Nature, exceeding clients' expectations of quality, safety, sustainability and fun, turning customers into friends."

Our Principles

"Respect - Enthusiasm - Innovation - Quality."

The Team




Name: Thiciana Galvão

Function: Marketing Manager

Born in: 1982

Origin: São Paulo

EasyDrop team member since: 2009

Surfing: Love the small waves!

Qualification: Marketing and Communication

Other: hardest working Paulista in Itacaré...

Mail: thiciana(at)

Phone: (55) - 73 - 9968 1367


Ana Laura

Ana Laura


Name: Ana Laura Anguera Nodar

Function: Sales Manager

Born in: 1973

Origin: Rivera - Uruguay

EasyDrop team member since: 2009

Surfing: Love the wipe outs!

Qualification: Executive Secretary w/ 3 idioms

Other: Xaropinha!


Phone: (55) - 73 - 9967 8813







Name: Thiago Setubal Trindade

Function: Operations Manager + surf instructor

Born in: 1980

Origin: Itabuna

EasyDrop team member since: 2006

Surfing: Surf, diving and fish is his life! Let´s say he lives in the water :-)

Qualification: Surfing Australia Inc. level 2 surf instructor. Certified coast life guard

Other: fisherman, he cooks the most delicious moqueca!

Mail: thiago(at)

Phone: (55) - 73 - 9972 4465






Name: Luis Eduardo dos Reis Pachêco

Function: EasyDrop Video Editor

Born in 1992

Origin: Itacaré - Brazil

EasyDrop team member since: 2008

Surfing: still a kook...

Qualification: the best Sony Vegas editor in South Bahia

Other: professional weight lifting :-)


The EasyDrop Story

Beach transportation test 1
Beach transportation test 2
Headquarters during construction

EasyDrop started off as a one-man company in 1997, with a couple of surfboards on the beach, and a simple website. Its German founder, Benjamin Kromayer, had originally come to Brazil to improve his Bossa skills on the guitar and on the look-out for good surf besides guitar playing, he landed in hidden tropical Itacaré. Upon realizing the great surf potential of the region, he decided to stay and set up a surf school.

Investing lots of time and $ into the company, by 2000 the school had grown into a full surf camp, with several instructors, a quiver filled with dozens of boards, besides 2 jeeps to take students to remote beaches. Soon the need for more space arose, so in 2002 an empty lot in the historical center of Itacaré was purchased, and a 2-story building constructed, to house the the school, an office and a spa.

As of now, thousands of students from all over the world have gone through the EasyDrop program. The one-man company has grown to many employees, including a multi-language office team, besides our genius instructors. Everyone at EasyDrop eats and breathes surfing, while focusing on providing our clients with maximum success in little time, in a friendly and warm Brazilian way.

Besides, EasyDrop is an important actor in the Itacaré community standing up for social-environmental sustainability and civil rights.

EasyDrop has thus become internationally renown for the quality and density of our surf learning program as well as optional services we provide.

The long time vision to bring EasyDrop into the world and set up surf camps in different places in the world started to become true with the opportunity to run EasyDrop Fuerteventura for one year in 2012. It was a great experience and maybe we come back one day in the future.